Response to Governor Beshear’s Mandate of July 9, 2020

Due to the recent mandate by Governor Beshear regarding the wearing of face coverings in public places, we suggest that you wear a mask or covering when coming into and leaving church. Once you are seated and a safe distance from others who are not your family, feel free to remove your mask or face covering.  Please reference Governor Beshear’s Executive Order of July 9, 2020. (see specifically page 4, item 3, section a)   We have a limited number of masks available for those who do not have one or may forget to bring theirs with them.

We continue to encourage 6-foot distancing before and after church; please refrain from standing in aisles and doorways for conversation.  We suggest you go to the Gathering Place or hang outside for fellowship before and after services.  We continue to ask that no more than 3 people be in a restroom at a time.